Charged but not referred

Hi Refermarket,

I’ve been charged for 2 referrals marked completed but in reality, the referrer messaged me to inform me that that’s a hiring freeze at the moment and they’ll circle back once it opens up.

Would I be able to get those charges refunded?

Suggestion: Create a “Hiring freeze” option for referees.

Hey @crow-81 , we just refunded both of your transactions. Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please elaborate on the “Hiring freeze” option? Where would you like to see this?

Thanks for processing the refunds, appreciate it.

Some companies have announced a hiring freeze across all positions until next year (Eg: Amazon & apparently Atlassian).

I’m guessing referrers on this platform don’t have that as an option to choose and decide to select complete but use the chat option to give the context.

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Interesting. We’ll inform Referrers to not do that!