Companies with dual brands

Hi, everyone! I’m an employee in the commercial bank of JPMorgan Chase … so, I work with both of our public-facing brands: J.P. Morgan and Chase. On this site, however, I’m only able to list “Chase” … is this a problem for any other companies that have multiple publicly-facing brands? Or is this just a “me” problem?
My concern: Folks may not realize my referrals are good for both, esp since I actively work in both. Any thoughts?

Hey there, what are the other brands that fall under chase?

Let us know and we can get them added, and you’ll have fancy badges for them as well on your profile here.

Is it just “J.P. Morgan”?

Awesome — those are the two primary buckets, yes; Chase and J.P. Morgan. There are mini brands underneath each like “Chase Private Client,” but I think realistically folks will understand how to find a Chase referral just under “Chase.”
Thank you for the quick reply!