FAQ - For Referrers

:closed_lock_with_key: How does privacy work?

  • We do not share your data with anyone externally

  • Using an anonymous name is completely fine

  • Your information is not shared with candidates you decline

:envelope_with_arrow: Why did you collect my work email?

We use your work email to authorize you work for the company you are joining as a referrer for. This is a one time thing that we do not store in our database.

:people_hugging: Why donโ€™t I get paid for completing a referral?

We believe this would affect the integrity of someone getting a referral. We are looking to democratize referrals, and having a candidate pay a referrer for a referral breaks that promise and can lead to cases of bidding wars for referrals.

:no_good_man: Do I have to refer everyone?

Absolutely not. Refer those you believe would be good fits for a role.

:trophy: How do rewards work?

For being active on your dashboard, we provide weekly gift cards. (Note this is not for referring, but making a decision on candidates, providing feedback, etc.). Each week there is a different reward. Join our platform as a referrer to learn more.

:warning: Do companies allow this?

Yes! Weโ€™ve reached out to companies and cleared things out with a legal team that this is completely fair practice.

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