Hardest companies to get into?

I’m curious what are the hardest big tech companies to get into based on their interview questions?

I heard Amazon was the easiest, but not 100% sure that’s accurate.

A lot of the management consulting firms like Bain, McKinsey, EY, Deloitte and Accenture are all generally tough. Google is also quite difficult.


Amazon is an easier one at new grad / internship level, but it gets harder than others as the levels get higher. The hardest companies are companies that pay the most - databricks, stripe, plaid, snowflake, snap, meta, netflix, tons of others. Of course, many times quantitative trading firms such as HRT and Jane Street are much harder than those. Also, many of those companies will only pay you highly when you have competing offers, otherwise they will try to lowball you. However, remember that interviews are mostly luck, it depends heavily on what your interviewer is asking and who they are (some interviewers are easier than others, or the questions they ask may line up more with your experience). I’ve talked to people that said the bar was very low at Microsoft, but also talked to people that had very difficult interviews there.