Ladies, let's hear your best horror stories working in the tech industry

I’m a recent grad and I’m about to start my new job soon. I came across a few horror stories about girls and their experience working in tech. Is it as bad as they say ladies?

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it depends on the team. There are bad teams and good teams. Its hard to say company X or company Y is hostile or supportive. Most companies have employee groups that are supportive of various demographics, but the impact of those depends on who you talk to. I think sites like have helped with exposing the various TCs at companies, but I think more needs to be done. I was inspired by the story of Erica Baker and plan to do something similar at some point at my company.


I once had a manager ask during happy hour, “When was the last time you got drunk and had sex in an office?”

As a new grad, I didn’t do anything about it. He was eventually fired (go figure LOL).

What in tarnation

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