New grad SWE TC expectation?

What should I aim for in regards to new grad SWE TC?

150k-220k would be my guess. it really depends on the company youre going to and how they stack your TC.

it depends wildly on the company - i.e. some low-tier industries like defense may only pay 70k, where as quant trading firms can go 400k or higher. It also depends on where you live - i.e. taxes can make a difference. Most of fangish companies are in the range of 150-250k counting sign on bonuses. Without bonuses most of those would be lower, just like the above poster said. Also keep in mind when the stock price drops, some companies will give topups, whereas others do not. Roblox and Nvidia gave 100% topups, Lyft gave a 50% topup, and I’m sure there are many others with different structures. but stock price is very important to TC generally.