Salary progression as an eng

I’m currently in college studying CS in Canada (Currently in my 1st year). Can someone share their salary progression as an engineer?

I ask cuz a few friends brought up that it’s hard to make over 100K in Canada without moving to the US. Is this true??


I went from being a SWE in Canada to US.

My salary progression is pretty straight forward. For my first job out of school I was paid about $85K + options (worthless) at a start up/medium sized company. Eventually I moved to big tech in the US which is paying me almost 3x what I’d make in Canada.

Now your friends bringing up that it’s hard to make 100K in Canada is not entirely true. Amazon/big tech does pay 100K+ for new grads coming out of school. You just have to get in. For start ups/medium companies that could depend. They look more at experience to judge salary when hiring someone. However with around 2 years of experience, you can easily progress your way to a better job in Canada that pays over $100K. Obviously most will choose to go to the US for a job market that blows Canada out of the water.

I hope this gives you some perspective.

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