A friendly Release manager looking for a new home

I’ve been laid off from Evernote and now I’m in search of a new opportunity to make the world better.

I love releasing products!

At Evernote it was my job to make sure that the final product reaches our customers and makes them happy. I have 12+ years of front-end engineering experience but I realized that my best fit is to help teams cooperate, plan, and finally deliver their work you everyone.


  • 12+ years in Software Engineering/Release
  • 3+ years experience creating builds and executing releases with build management, continuous integration, and automation tools such as Jenkins
  • deep knowledge of Javascript and web development
  • familiarity with SQL and database technologies
  • proven experience organizing and facilitating release implementation and review meetings
  • understanding of Software development methodologies (Wake me up in the middle of the night and I could tell you :wink:
  • ability to conduct research into systems issues and products (I used to be a front-end engineer, I’ve seen things, I used to debug bugs 23 hours a day)
  • ability to communicate ideas in both technical and user-friendly language (ask my ex-colleagues - product managers with little technical background - if they know what is the cutover and what is a feature branch!)
  • ability to work in a team-oriented, collaborative environment (my team should be always protected, I love my teams, and ensure that they feel comfortable and motivated. When I speak of achievements, I keep telling “we did, we delivered, we achieved” because nothing get’s done without a good team!)

Thank you in advance :wink: