Actively looking for data engineer opportunities


My name is Simon Zhao. I’m actively looking for a data engineer opportunity. I used to work at Salesforce as a customer solutions data engineer. I’m mainly working with customer success and supporting business stakeholders to understand their reporting requests, translating business logic into technical solutions, design data modeling, build & maintain data pipelines. I’m using SQL to write queries to build tables and validate data. Also Using python to parse semi-structured data such as JSON, CSV, and html into a structured dataframe. In addition, I’m using snowflake and AWS services like S3, EMR, Lamba and Glue to build ETL pipelines. As for data pipeline automation, I’m using Airflow to design and implement the end to end pipeline. Besides, I used git as a code repository and CICD to auto deploy the PySpark script and also use Linux commands to call restful API to get data from customer success survey platform.

Before Salesforce, I worked as a business intelligence engineer in the marketing consumer intelligence team at Groupon. I worked with stakeholders every day to help them build data pipelines and tableau dashboard which indicates the number of deal impressions, deal views, orders, click through rate, orders conversion rate per consumer on day level. Besides that, I was responsible for designing and building a pipeline to reflect the top searched keyword through mobile and web by consumer, which is super helpful for business people to make decisions on deals placement on the home page.

Before Groupon, I worked as a data engineer at Ericsson. I got the opportunity to work with customers from T-Mobile, At&t and Verizon to help them build a data platform which benefits the customer service team to answer customers’ questions quickly. The platform provides info such as the reason why a customer’s phone doesn’t work well at a certain time or location. As for data tools, I used spark-streaming and elastic search to implement the ETL process because the near real time demands.

Currently I’m in Seattle. I would love to hear from you if you can help me to refer or guide me to any opportunities that you know. You can check my LinkedIn Profile at here:

Thank you

Hi Simon Im willing to do a referral for State Farm. Take a look at the job board and let me know what you are interested in. If interested you will have to apply to the link I send you once the referral is completed.

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