[BETA] Introducing an easier way to Network!

Introducing our new networking features (now in BETA)

Many of you have voiced that one of the true problems with looking for a new job is the process of networking and finding the right people to connect with.

We’re looking to make the process easier by matching you with a set of employees who would be best for you to connect with and get to know! Networking pays dividends when done right and we hope our networking feature makes the process easier! Each week, you’ll get matched with 3 employees who we believe would be best for you to connect with:

When initially connecting, make your intent clear! Let them know, are you looking for mentorship? Are you looking to learn more about their role? Are you looking to learn more about their company? Finally, you can choose to tip at the end of your conversation and show your intent to do so, when initially reaching out:

Note for our verified employees: When a job seeker decides to connect with you, you will be sent an email, with a link to get connected. So keep an eye out :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out in this thread!

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