Breaking Into Tech in a Non-tech Role

Being very transparent, over the last year I have dealt with imposter syndrome. Thinking I didn’t qualify for roles in higher places. Coming from a small city where majority of jobs are in healthcare, trucking, and government work. I graduated from a science and technology middle and high school, but for some reason none of my peers went into CS. Maybe because most jobs in my town are in healthcare. We were always guided to go the science route and majority of my peers did. I am the odd ball out who went the business route.

I’ve always been one to think bigger, do more, and really want to make an impact on the world. As I began to network in the IT industry over the last year, I realized I do have the capabilties to achieve my goals. I know this economy is tough right now and competition is fierce, but I believe if someone has all of the credentials from the beginning, there is no room for that person to grow in that role.

My 8 years of experience managing people speaks for itsself. Its somewhat of a gift. I work well with people. I understand people. I empathize with people. I help people tap into their strengths & recognize their weaknesses and give them autonomy to be their best selves. Which I think is key for most roles in any industry. My ultimate goal would to be a scrum master or product owner (which I am certified in both).

Giving me an opporuntity to have a seat at the table, would be life changing for me. As well as the people in my community. I want us all to snap out of the imposter syndrome fog. There is room for us all!

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Thanks for sharing this @pigeon-82 and being so transparent. Imposter syndrome is something I faced my entire career as well. From the way I talked, the way I walked, I didn’t fit the typical mold of those in tech. Super important to be yourself!

I saw you put in a few requests for a referral. Good luck! You seem to be extremely talented!

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Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! :blush: When I first heard of the term imposter syndrome, I knew that was exactly what I was/am experiencing. It’s something that I think should be taught about in every aspect of academia, from 1st grade on. I think many of us experience IS from a youth. We need to learn how to overcome it and manage it throughout life.

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