Can any one refer me for Oracle internship

I’m Chinmay Lale, a dynamic Computer Science student in Pune specializing in machine learning, IoT, and game development. I’ve led the development of a patented AI-based crop monitoring system with a 98% accuracy rate and created a self-navigating rover using sensor fusion techniques and IoT. Proficient in Java, Python, C++, and more, I’m currently pursuing a B.Tech with a CGPA of 7.5.

My achievements include securing 2nd place in a CSESA hackathon and being a finalist in the state-level Avishkar Competition. I hold certifications in Azure Fundamentals, Cyber Security, Google Hash Code, CPP, DSA, Java, and more.

I’m eager to secure an Oracle internship and would greatly appreciate any referrals for this opportunity. You can find my detailed profile on LinkedIn Linkdin, and my portfolio on (AstroChinmay)

Feel free to connect for further discussions or referrals. Thanks in advance for your support!