Canadian Referals

As a Job seeker in Canada How can I get referrals for the Canadian job market ? and do I only pay once I receive a referral offer ?

@chickadee-01 - also a fellow Canadian here! (Went to Waterloo).

You can request for referrals the same way as everyone else does. Typically someone in the US can put in a referral for Canadian locations. Usually the employee we match you with will reach out if they can’t or if they need anything additionally from you.

In regards to price - you’re only charged for referrals if someone ends up accepting the referrals. Your first referral is completely free. Afterwards, depending on the plan you are on, the price can range from $10/accepted referral (if on the free plan), $6/accepted referral (if on the basic plan), or $3/accepted referral (if on premium).