Data Science Resume review/referral

Hello Refermarket community!

I have just been made aware of this website and thus don’t really know how it works, but it’s to my understanding that you guys are incentivized to help others through referrals.

Some background on me: I graduated with a BS in Statistics last December and have two data science internships under my belt as well as ~5 months of Data Engineering experience prior to being laid off recently due to the economic situation.

I’m urgently seeking an entry-level remote Data Scientist role and would love it if any of you are able to refer me and/or give me a resume critique. Resume is attached at bottom of post!

I’ve redacted out some personal information for the sake of privacy.

Thank you very much,


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I think your most recent experience is a little too broad. the first bullet point shows the value you added but I think you can get more precise about how you solved the problem.

it’s the first thing a recruiter/hiring manager is gonna see; and you kind of want to catch their attention

“Configured data interfaces supporting medical data exchange between various healthcare networks to improve accuracy of patient validation.” just sounds like fuzz-buzz.

What data interfaces did you configure? What protocol was used for the medical data exchange? How did that lead to resulting accuracy improvement?

I get it is tough to throw all of that in a sentence, but it’s possible.


I see, thank you for the response!

For the main content section, please focus on accomplishments rather then responsibilities.