Designer UX (7 YOE) working doing DOD work via agency. Open to work ;)

I’m a Senior UX working at an agency. I live in Dallas. Looking for work in NYC. Most of my work has been at an agency level, so looking to pivot to the vendor side. I am looking for many opportunities like Microsoft, Spotify, Nvidia, Reddit, snowflake, Stripe, Robolox, and others.

Any advice for a college graduate looking to get an opportunity in the UX design field?

Its a relatively long list of items. I would be happy to talk more. Are you a graduate with a degree within the field or are you looking to pivot?

At times we have some positions open at Red Hat, you can take a look here:

My link for getting a referral:

No design roles open at Redhat for the moment unless you know of a team looking to hire design soon.

Salesforce should have a lot of design roles open! Feel free to DM me as well :slight_smile:

I see, just keep taking a look at it, from time to time. Good luck.