Deutsche Bank referrals and CV/interviews help

Hi, I can help with a referral for roles in Deutsche Bank , can help to tailor your CVs and with interviews specifically in Quant Finance area.

Hi there! I would love it if you could help me with a referral. Currently based in NYC, 3+ yrs exp in Data Science. Have a MS in CS and MBA from Cornell. Let me know the best way for me to send my resume and anything you’d need from me for the referral request. Thank you so much!

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Hi, I can give you a referral at Deutsche Bank.

@ginger-66 can you share your direct2referrer link here? Would help with broader awareness and help you get more candidates as well

@ginger-66 Need some refferal for internships 2024 ! Can you share your refferal link here?

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Hi, sure, please share with me your cv and the job ID