Entry Level Engineer Laid Off

Hey All! I’m a recent graduate (Class of 22) and was laid-off from my first full-time position 7 months into it. Although it hurt a lot and left my quite confused, I have decided to keep my chin up and start looking for new positions that would actually value my work and me as a person. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison but currently live in the Bay Area. I have successfully completed 3 internships during my degree and graduated with distinction in Computer Science. I have been applying to all open jobs on LinkedIn but so far haven’t had any leads :frowning: Still grinding though!
If anyone has any leads into companies hiring new graduates or would invest in entry level developers, feel free to reach out! Any help would be really really appreciated!

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hey, welcome to Refermarket - definitely the right place to get connected with folks who can help given your situation

just credited your account with some more referrals, good luck out there!