Entry Level Software Engineer Job

Hi, I am a recent grad and a Software Engineer with a Master of Science in Data Science from New York University, where I have developed a strong foundation in Deep Neural Network Research, Big Data Management and Analysis, and Machine Learning. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from The University of Illinois at Chicago, where I gained my expertise in Data Structures and Algorithms, Software and Mobile Development, and UI and UX Design. I am currently located in New York, NY, but willing to relocate to any location within the United States. I have previous experience as a Software Engineer and Data Engineer at MERIIT (CUSP) for 9 months, where I have achieved state-of-art architecture in brain signal prediction. I have also led and supervised a team of diverse professionals as a Software Engineer and Technical Leader. My career goal is to continue to work as a software engineer and use my skills and knowledge to positively impact the industry and grow with the company. Now I hope to land a job in the tech industry. Any advice will help significantly!

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@persian-55 thanks for leaving an intro. Just credited your account with another referral.

Feel free to reach out if you find suitable open position at Splunk.