Experienced Google certified Project Manager- Seeking Campaign Management/Social Media Analyst/Branded Content Management Roles


I’m a seasoned project manager with 1.5 yrs of experience executing over 132 campaigns, including advertorials, banner ads, microsites, influencer videos, and social media promotions. Skilled at liaising with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring flawless execution.

My leadership skills shine in cross-functional teams, where I’ve achieved a 45% reduction in turnaround time. I prioritize client satisfaction, resulting in 5.87 crore worth of renewals. Also spearheaded a campaign order recall feature, reducing order approval and invoice rejection cases by 75%.

Financially, I’ve made significant contributions, initiating invoices that brought in 18.20 crores in revenue, contributing 30.21% to the annual team revenue. I believe my experience and results-driven approach make me a strong fit for your organization.

Actively seeking for Campaign Management/Social Media Analyst/Branded Content Management Roles in the IT or consulting industry. Any references would be highly appreciated…

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom! Hope you have a good day ahead :slight_smile: