Experienced Marketer looking to return to the Big 4/Consulting world

Hi everyone!

I am a Big 4 alum looking to return to the Big 4/consulting world. I spent 10 years at EY and it’s been another 10 years since I left the firm. In that time, I built an expertise in Marketing - specifically, digital marketing and marketing project management. I would love the opportunity to combine my Big 4 experience with my marketing skills in a new role. Feel free to connect if you want to talk more!

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Hello, I currently work at Deloitte and am a former Accenture employee if you are looking to connect and want to get back into consulting.

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Hi there! Thank you for your message. I’m actually here on ReferMarket to try to get a referral to Deloitte. There’s a Webmaster/Digital Strategist role open that aligns nicely with my experience and my goals for where I want to go next.

What kind of work do you do at Deloitte?

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Perfect! I can help with that. Please send me your details and here is my link: Land Your Next Gig At Deloitte | Refermarket

I work in risk management on the consulting side of Deloitte.