False Information Being Spread about "Referral Bribes" and Employers

There are some false claims that Refermarket bribes employees to provide referrals. This is not true.

Refermarket charges job seekers a flat fee for referrals that are accepted by employees. These funds go back into improving the platform and operational costs. Employees on the other hand are not incentivized via payment or any other mechanism to provide referrals. We incentivize employees to take time out of their day to review at least 80% of the candidates they are matched with (it’s up to the employee if they decide to accept, decline or connect with the candidate).

It’s just the same as if someone reached out on LinkedIn/Blind/Fishbowl. We in fact encourage candidates to connect and have a conversation with the referrer through the app before getting referred.

We’ve reviewed our business models with numerous HR leaders at companies such as Google, Deloitte, Apple, and more. We actually encourage those who get referrals from our platform to let their employer know they did so from Refermarket!

Employers have a concept of “courtesy referrals” which is exactly the type of referral Refermarket facilitates. It is to encourage job referrals yielded from networking events, online, social media platforms, etc…

If you see false claims that using Refermarket is illegal or against company policies, please let us know and we can address them!


Also, we’ve identified the source of these false claims to be coming from a couple of competitors that are struggling hard to match the experience, level of customer success and engaged referrers that Refermarket has.