Figma Entry Software Engineer Referral

Hello, I’m a recent university graduate and I’m looking for entry level Software Engineering roles to apply to. If anyone is willing to refer me to Figma or any other good company I would greatly appreciate it! I can show you my resume first if you are on the fence.

Happy to help refer you to Google roles. Share your details via this link:

@magpie-56 unfortunately Direct2Referrer doesn’t work for the time being - we’re in the process of bringing it back. Please refrain from sharing the link for now.

@hound-05 I’ve credited your account with a couple of referrals. Please submit requests to Google and @magpie-56 should see it on their dashboard.

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My link still works :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! This is very generous of you. I submitted a referral request for Google as @rfrmkt-0 suggested because the link redirected me back to the referral page.