Fintech: move from Sales/ Customer Success to Strategy & Ops

Hi, im trying to move from sales/customer success (3 years of experience) to strategy and ops within the fintech space. Does anyone have any advice in terms of skills and experience I need to gain in order to transfer successfully? Im not sure where to start. Thanks!

Did you successfully made a switch? You can use your sales experience + learn critical thinking to enter into Ops. For Strategy, you need to have hands on experience in Ops. Move slowly!

hi @quail-61 ,

I would first start by looking at 3 job opportunities in the strategy and ops space - and really understanding the specific skills you need. Compare your skills and identify the biggest gaps.

Figure out how to close those gaps by doing all of the following:

(1) reading books/blogs/articles
(2) talking to a mentor or someone in your network that is in your target role
(3) see how you can upskill in those areas at your current job

Hope this helps.