How important are my grades with landing an internship/full time offer?

I was a high performer in high school, but I know university is a whole other level. With school starting soon, was curious how important my grades ultimately are.

they generally aren’t important, though some companies for internships require transcripts, most don’t. School brand name is much more important. If you have a high GPA, yes you can put it on your resume and it may help. But at the end of the day in terms of landing internships you need excellent leetcode skill and a little luck. Internships are the easiest and fastest way to get full time offers. Try to do them as much as you can, I think a good example of people that do a lot of internships are University of Waterloo students, who I think are required to do at least 5 internships to graduate.

Grades are not that important. I studied CS for 2 years and transferred major to Poli Sci; still finished in 4 years (plus summer school). Finished with a gpa of 2.8. Still got into tech working at Google, Vmware, IBM and others.

I would say grades are not as important as the discipline you are studying. Business and IT are the key areas that Tech is looking for candidates. Hope this helps!