I can give TikTok referral for any role any region

We are pretty much the only tech company still hiring. Message me for any role and region that you want referral for.


@siberian-503 you may want to share your direct 2 referrer link here

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I don’t want to mass spam, but people have already reached out to me on PM.

Referral link use this or just PM me

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Hi, I’m new and looking for a referral but I don’t know how to message on here. I have my job listing too.

Hey! I’m interested. Particularly in remote USD opportunities. I have 01 work authorization w/ Greencard process pending. Interested in: TPM/PM roles.Thanks

So I love this and would love to get either a nice remote analyst or mid level role at TikTok… but my one issue is… if the US government bans TikTok in the US what would that mean for jobs in the US?

Either way i wouldn’t say no to a referral for a data analyst role if there is any!