🏆 Increase in Weekly Rewards!


:mega: Exciting news!

Starting next week, Jul 10, for our active Referrers we are increasing the value of weekly rewards to $20 USD in Amazon GC (Or equivalent based on region)

We are rewarding Referrers by evaluating and assessing a candidate’s profile. This can either be in the form of “declining” or “accepting” 80% of referral requests. So we make sure that candidate quality is top of mind.

As a reminder, the progress bar at the top of your dashboard will let you know how are you are trending for that week.

Thanks for making Refermarket a thriving community.


That’s awesome news! I appreciate the emphasis on candidate quality.

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big step

i didnt got my weekly rewards for 2024/01/06 - 2024/01/13 , where to ask ?

Hi @pug-41 ,

Hope you are well.

Please check your inbox. You should have received weekly rewards for Jan 06-13.

Thank you!

yes, just now received.