Just started uni as a CS student

I’m a first-year University of Toronto CS student. My goal is to one day work at Google as a Software Engineer.

I don’t have any family or friends who work in tech.

What should I do to end up at Google?

Probably obvious, but network, study hard, find areas within CS that you are especially interested in and finally build/code often.

Google is a great company but don’t let the prestige factor blind you, tons of companies pay significantly more for equal YOE and google often times lowballs candidates because they know they rely on prestige. Make sure you are a supreme leetcoder, and build your own projects, contribute to open source projects, and submit your resume to job fair conferences (like GHC, etc.)

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I’m at Google and the biggest thing that I would tell you to follow your passion in building great tech products with different CS languages. Apply for CS internships at Google and other tech firms.

Just adding my two cents; embrace rejections and focus on self improvement. It’s common to hear that many go through the Google process many times to end up there. Don’t be hard on yourself and learn from your mistakes.