Laid off from GE after 3 years in IT support + 1 year Patch Management. Any GE alums able to refer at their company for an early career cyber role?

My business was hit with a few hundred layoffs recently. I have had my resume professionally reviewed, I have a bachelors degree in tech, experience in Windows Server + VMware, Security+ and AWS-SAA certifications, and can provide excellent references from my managers at GE. I can also provide a link to my LinkedIn page.

If you’re open to providing a reference, I would just ask that you let me know the company name and I’ll see if there are any roles I feel may be a good fit. I can then send you a link to the position, a copy of my resume and a link to my LinkedIn page. If you agree with my assessment, I would be very grateful for your reference :slight_smile:

I am also very receptive to any career advice you may have!