Laid Off recently

Hello, everyone!
My company got laid off recently and Iam looking for a new oppourtunity in Cyber security field.
I am a cyber security graduate with one year of experiance. If anyone knows of a job opening where I would be a good fit, please let me know!!
I am looking for job openings based in Canada and US.
Any leads would be appreciated!!


Dm for Amazon

Iā€™m sorry to hear that. I shared a free referral with you. I hope that helps!

Definitely share Refermarket with your co-workers who have also been affected. Happy to also provide them with free referrals in the main app.


Hello everyone!
I am Manager at T2 Consulting firm in London and got laid off recently.

Appreciate it if someone can refer me to Consulting or Strategy roles.

If anyone has any connections to the freelancing consulting world, that would also work.

If you are interested in Booz Allen Hamilton please reach out to me

Hi I work at Toptal, we may have a role for you, happy to refer you

Hi DMed you !

Hi BAH - which geo are you in ? can we connect?

DMed you

I can share my resume with you , Could you please share your email ID?


Messaged you

DM for referral in VMware with Job ID

Hi sorry to bump into this thread but I am looking for a QA Testing Role (Manual 9 years with some automation 1 1/2 in experience) appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction Thanks.