LFJ | SDR/BDR/Customer Service

I’m looking for a job in Canada.
Preferably on-site Calgary or remote.

I have experience in the Adidas store as a Retail Salesperson. I also have worked in the same position in Tommy Hilfiger’s store. In general, I have about 1.5 years of experience in retail sales.

From personal successes, experience in full-cycle of opening/closing shifts, performed cash transactions as a cashier, administrative duties (example: supervising newcomers in the staff team, etc.)

I also have a successful experience in the IT industry and building partnership relations with opinion leaders in my field, closed my first deal with partners in the first month of work, and supervised networking activities with investors / publishers / media platforms and game development studios.

I also have experience with Microsoft Tools(Excel, Office and etc.), Google Tools(Sheets, Forms, Meet and etc.), various CRM systems, sales and lead generation utilities, SQL databases and other.