Lockheed Martin referral

Hey everyone,

I am trying to figure out the best way to have success with this platform. I’ve tried to get a referral at Starbucks and now at Lockheed Martin for some Talent Acquisition roles. What has happened is I submit a request and it sits in “matching” status for several days - with Starbucks I got a note that a few people viewed my resume but declined to submit me for a referral. Is there a way to get any resume feedback? I’d love to be able to utilize this platform and would appreciate any insights! Thanks in advance.

Emphasizing credibility as the top priority on your resume is crucial. As advised by a career coach, prioritizing credibility over visibility when seeking a new position is vital. Ensure your skills are highly transferrable to the specific role(s) you are pursuing. Quantify your experience with numerical examples, showcasing how often, how much, and what improvements you achieved in your last role. By demonstrating credibility, you will foster more referrals and enhance your prospects in the job market. Good luck ! :smiley:

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