Looking for a referral to a machine learning intern role

Hello I am Himanshu. I am a B.Tech 2nd year Computer Science student at one of the tier 1 engineering institutes in India known as NIT Jalandhar situated in Punjab.
I am looking for an internship in roles such as Machine Learning intern or Data Science intern. I have skills and projects pertaining to these roles.

Skills: ML, Math, python, tensorflow, sklearn, pandas, numpy, optuna, LangChain, nltk, seaborn, matplotlib, ML Algorithms, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing etc
Projects: 2D images to 3D model conversion
RAG chatbot on Autism Research Papers
Symptoms to Disease Matching
Skin Lesion Classification and many more

Here are links to my profiles on github and kaggle:

My complete resume and linkedin link is there in my profile.

I am hoping for a referral to any companies offering roles involving these skills. Even any advice would be great!