Looking for google team match L4

I have got positive feedback from my l4 interviews at google, but has been stuck on team matching phase as my first team match’s headcount was full.
I am graduating this December and this is very stressful, if anyone is hiring for any google team, I am open discuss my skill set and see if I can be a fit!

PS: I am also to roles at other places, it is just that it is very hard to even get an interview.

I would recommend speaking to your recruiter and slightly “bluffing” you’ve got offers elsewhere that you have to respond to.

This might help bump the urgency a bit.

That being said… I have heard Google is starting layoffs after the holidays so I’m not sure.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have already tried to push the process as I have been interviewing at other places, but the reply is mostly they cannot do anything other than follow the process, which is very slow.

I was told that she expects a few to open just after the holidays, maybe they are filling the layoffs with new hires. Just guessing here. Anyway, I hope there to be no layoffs, because it is such a huge trauma to go through.


Google is notorious for team matching phase. I’ve known people who waited months or even a year to get matched to a team. Given you’ve passed the interviews, I’d think Google is working to find you a team. There’s no guarantee it will happen soon or even at all given the current economic situation. I’d say strap in for a long haul.

I’d say try applying to other places, Amazon has some teams hiring still.

Good luck!

I have tried to apply for amazon many times in the past time with no luck, Can you help me find an open position at teams that are hiring at amazon? Thanks!