Looking for mock interview / referral

Hi all - I’m stuck in a sort of awkward situation.

I’m a TVC at Google, and it won’t likely extend.
After I initially took the contract offer, I still interviewed at Google for an FTE role.
I didn’t get the job, and the recruiter told me to wait for 12-18 mo for a higher chance of getting hired. Is it possible to interview for an internal role after the contract with a referral?

I also have an interview with Meta soon, too. Can anybody refer me if it helps? And could anybody refer me for senior or lead roles at other companies?

I’m also looking for mock interviews and am willing to compensate. And I need an FTE role badly. I have 7 yr experience in B2B, B2E, and consumer-facing products. I worked for MSFT, too. Experienced in e-commerce, retail, and health and fitness. Interested in VR, food, delivery, and education.


quick question - what is a TVC?

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Hey - I’m a Google FTE. DM me and lets chat offline. happy to help


Temp, Contractor, vendor

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