Looking for Referral in any company for entry-level

Hi there everyone I am looking for a referral in any company for an entry-level role in tech or customer service to get my foot into the door at the very least. I am currently in Sales but would like to make a change into a less stressful environment where I am not constantly on the phones. Basically Non-Phone type of job. I reside in Toronto, Canada and I am highly flexible with my schedule and are an excellent team player with sound communication skills, both written and verbal. My customer service skills are beyond superb and I have the ability to go above and beyond my role.

hi @setter-621 ,

Your current skills should transition nicely into a customer service role and entry -level tech. The ability to “sell” is critical for really any role.

Though, you would have to do some research at the company-level to understand if either of those roles are “non-phone”

how has your search been going thus far?

Hi Korat-07.

Thank you for your kind words. My search is still going but I’m unsure of the current market right now. But I’m still going to keep trying, even if I don’t get a referral. Just gotta stay goal-oriented, right?