Looking for Referrals for FT opportunities

Hello all :wave:t4:. Iā€™m Swapnil from NYC. #opentowork. I am looking for an entry-level position within the cybersecurity field #socanalyst #GRC #threatanalyst #cybersecurity#analyst #VulnerabilityManagement.

I have interest in both technical and non technical roles.

:brain:: Fast learner, that is very determined and passionate about growth and prosperity. I am currently learning Python, R, followed by MySQL. I do have some #Excel experience as well. I never stop learning or wanting to get the task completed. Iā€™m extremely analytical and use my psychological mindset to assist me in all areas.

:alarm_clock:: Open to working overtime or unconventional hours to get more experience and knowledge. On-site, hybrid or remote position. Willing to travel.

:handshake:: Seeks a company that values hard-work, employee retention, respect of its workers, and truly listens to their employees. In return you will get a dedicated, loyal worker.
#cybersecurity #informationsecurity #projectmanagement #analyst