Looking for Referrals in Meta | Tech+Management Background

I am a dynamic professional who combines an in-depth knowledge of technology with strategic management insights. I hold a bachelor’s in technology in Computer Science Engineering with Specialization in Information Security.
My proven track record at Capgemini highlights my ability to transform client challenges into opportunities for growth, leveraging my technical acumen to drive innovative solutions. Currently enhancing my expertise with an MSc in Management from Trinity College Dublin, I blend academic rigour with practical experience to navigate and lead within complex business landscapes.

My commitment to excellence is showcased in my role in enhancing operational efficiencies and client satisfaction through data-driven decision-making and proactive problem-solving. As a participant in competitive bug bounty programs, my passion for cybersecurity underscores my relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation.

My professional journey showcases my ability to adapt, collaborate, and lead in diverse environments, positioning me as an ideal candidate for roles that demand a blend of technical proficiency and management capabilities. I am ambitious to contribute to organizations that value innovation, client relationships, and strategic growth, making me a valuable asset across industries.