Looking for Referrals in Product Design positions

Hello everyone!

I’m Shivangi, a 25-year-old product designer currently residing in the United States. I am looking for opportunities in the field of Product Design. I am part of Info Origin, where my role involves an array of product design responsibilities. Alongside my full-time job, I engage in freelance projects.

As a designer, I love to analyze experiences, listen to diverse perspectives, and incorporate creative solutions into my work. My goal is to find a niche where my passion and compassion for my work can truly shine. I’m also intrigued by new technologies, especially AI and machine learning, and I’m keen to see how these can intersect with my field.

If anyone here is aware of opportunities or projects that could benefit from a dedicated, creative, and technically skilled product designer, I would be incredibly grateful for referrals. Additionally, I am always open to collaborating and sharing insights with fellow professionals.

hi please go through accenture careers there are lot of openings . if you find one submit resume to me via Land Your Next Gig At Accenture | Refermarket