Looking for referrals in SaaS, HRtech, TravelTech or EdTech

Hi everyone!

I am looking for referrals for a Product Design or UX/UI position. I’m a military spouse living in Japan, so I have to find a role that offers fully remote and flexible schedules due to drastic time difference.

I have 3 years of general design experience and have recently graduated a top-tier UX bootcamp (yep, snagging the fastest grad title), turning heads and surprising even the bootcamp owner with my ability to complete the program without compromising quality.

I’ve teamed up with CEOs to craft interfaces that not only look good but also provide a seamless experience. From launching the Dog Meetup App to tinkering with an AI-Powered Travel App.

Colleagues who’ve witnessed my work ethic and UX/UI flair often suggest I’m a natural fit for an associate/mid-level design role.

US Citizen (would love to relocate to EU)