Looking for SWE Role: 2023 Undergrad who loves engineering but having trouble getting job

I am CSE student from India would be graduating in May,2023 and I am looking for SWE Roles.
I have good experience working in a team and leading teams to build software system. Have experience building personal projects in different domains including Web/App/Game Development irrespective of the programming language. I have good experience with programming languages like Python,C++,Java and JavaScript.
For example a python module to simulate graph search algorithms, a file transfer app, a semantic search system etc

I am passionate engineer who just loves building and learning new things without restricting myself to a domain, I Artificial Intelligence and have certification and also few project for the same.
I have strong academic background with CGPA of 9+ out of 10.
My career goal is to continue growing as software engineer.
I am struggling to find opportunity because of recent recession and hiring freeze.
Hoping to get some help from the community