Mckinsey Refferal required for internships

Kindly please Dm ! If anyone can refer me for 2 roles at Mckinsey!


Hi @pinscher-85,

Welcome to the forum! It’s fantastic that you’re looking for internship opportunities.

Here are some ways to get started and leverage our community to find the perfect fit:

1. Showcase Your Skills:

  • Consider creating a short bio in your forum profile highlighting your skills, academic achievements, and any relevant project experience.
  • Mention the types of internships you’re interested in (e.g., marketing, software development, etc.)

2. Network with Professionals:

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  • You can also check out member profiles to see if anyone works in your desired field.

3. Explore Internship Threads:

  • Use the forum search function to find existing threads about internships in your field.
  • You might find valuable information or even internship postings from companies looking for talented individuals.

If you have specific questions about crafting a resume, interview preparation, beside the referral we also have career service that you can leverage.

  • Our community is filled with experienced members who can offer valuable advice.

Also, you can consider participating in relevant forum discussions to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the field. This can catch the eye of potential employers or mentors who frequent the forum.


Refermarket Team