Must dos in order to get promoted?

What do you think are the most important things to do in order to get promoted?

I’m an engineer and the biggest things for me are:

  1. Hit deadlines/communicate early when deadlines can’t be hit
  2. Write high-quality code (that doesn’t require a million revisions)
  3. Help others by reviewing code, reviewing architecture, unblocking, etc.
  4. Work well with PMs/Designers/whomever else and be able to translate stuff to non-technical people in a way they can understand.

Overdeliver on work contribution and make sure that leadership knows of your work and how it’s connected to the overall business objectives.

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be completely aligned not just with your manager but your skip as well. Know their exact priorities and make sure you work at fulfilling those, rather than priorities that “might” be useful or are interesting. You have to be able to be inside their heads like twins can be inside each other’s heads. If you do that they will probably be more likely to promote you fast.