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just out of curiosity, was there ever any talk of layoffs at redhat?

Hi, luckily no, they played it in such a way to avoid that.


mind sharing how? don’t need specifics

They cut all the expenses that weren’t strictly necessary and reduced for a a bit the quarterly bonuses.

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Hi I just requested a referral! Thanks so much for helping out with this :blush:

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It’s a pleasure :wink:

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Post-up for layoffs!

Hi I just requested for a referral! Thank you so much in advance!

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You’re welcome :wink:

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@longhair-00 you should share your Direct2Referrer link on Linkedin for even more reach!

any luck?

@longhair-00 is a very active referrer - you should have a really good chance of getting referred within a day.

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A new wave of hires are on going and I am still ready to refer.

Plenty of positions are still available in the US! Also some other around the World, especially related to sales.

I am interested in sales and marketing here and there is a contract role

can anyone provide a referral

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Hi, feel free to send me a request.