Product Designer in the Bay Area with 8+ YOE looking for referrals!

Hi everyone! I just moved to SF and I’m looking for a Product Designer role. I have 8.5 YOE as a product designer and product design lead, as well as acting as a creative director for the last 3-ish years on top of my responsibilities as a designer. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated, and I would be happy to send over my resume and portfolio for vetting. Thanks so much!

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@husky-73 welcome to the platform! Have you gotten a chance to check out the main app to find a company you’d be interested in getting a referral to?

Yes, I’ve applied for a referral already! I’m just putting up a post to put myself out there to see if anyone else would be keen on referring me.


Happy to refer to Salesforce if you find any UX/design postings.