Product Manager with 7 YOE. Looking for referrals

Hello all. Passionate Product Manager here with 7 years of diverse industry experience. Currently leveraging my product skills to support the coin-collecting community and hobby.

My career highlights include:

  • Made housing more affordable for low-income families through MH Advantage
  • Revamped the UI/UX for Nestle’s Ready Refresh e-commerce website
  • Transformed data management at Rouse Services
  • Founded and led a successful AdTech startup

I was laid off 12 months ago but have been keeping myself busy and grounded by focusing on helping the coin-collecting community. These past 12 months I have:

  • Built up my e-commerce store
  • Created an AI coin app
  • Published original research
  • Travelled around the country visiting stores to find rare albums
  • Interviewed with some coin influencers to get the word out about my research
  • Now getting ready to give a presentation at a coin show in March

Looking for referrals!