Referral approved but I have not received any details

Hi Refermarket,

I received an approved referral, but I haven’t received any emails/details about it. I sent some messages to the person who referred me and to your Hello@ email and I was told on Wednesday (May 3rd) that I would be re-credited if I didn’t receive support from the referrer in 24 hours but I haven’t been credited yet. Please can you help?

Thank you!

referral for which company? if its for google you can dm me

Hello! Thanks for replying, it’s for KPMG!

@founding-husky Hello! Is this something you might be able to help with? Thank you!

Hello, May I also send you a direct message to request a referral for SDE intern roles when there will be openings at Google?

I have the same issue with 3 referrals - all were moved to Completed, but I did not receive anything. What to do in this case?