Referral requests were moved to "Completed", but they weren't fulfilled

I requested a referral to Salesforce and Google, and within several hours, I got an email notification that my requests were complete, and I saw that they were moved to “Finished.” However, I did not receive any emails with a referral link where I can apply from those companies, like any other confirmation of the referrals. So basically, I have no way to use this referral and don’t even have any confirmation from them.

I sent messages to both referrals over the chat, but no response.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do in order to apply?
An email to was sent as well.
I would appreciate any advice from the board’s admin.

HI @chick-94 ,

Thats odd. I dont think I’ve ever seen that before. Can you take a screenshot?

hello chick-24 request one from google here Land Your Next Gig At Google | Refermarket, I’ll refer you and you will receive a mail

In google referral sharing the referral status with the candidate is optional, either that or the referrer has not filled in your details yet

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