[RESOLVED] Weekly Rewards Bar Not Populating

Does anyone else have trouble with the weekly rewards bar populating? I complete every referral requested and normally meet the 5/5 or more and haven’t gotten any rewards for the past few weeks and my weekly reward bar has been bugged.

+1 have mailed but got no response

please mail and send this feedback!, not receiving rewards since last few weeks

Thanks for reporting this @beagle-61 we’re taking a look.

In terms of rewards, we’re all caught up with rewards up until last week’s (Jan 28th to Feb 4th)… so if you haven’t received it, it likely means you weren’t eligible the last few weeks.

Note that a candidate may get matched to multiple referrers, and we’ve gamified this in a sense where if another referrer from your company responds/refers that candidate before you - it would hurt your engagement score for the week.

@penguin-31 if you’re unsure if you’ve been eligible for rewards, you can check out the rewards page for your profile - Refermarket | Largest Active Employee Networking Marketplace (we just rolled this out this week). I checked your profile and it shows that you haven’t been eligible either for the last few weeks.

Please note for that page - the “Total Earnings” isn’t accurate yet as it doesn’t factor in when we turned on referrer rewards + the changes in value of the rewards.

This has been fixed - thanks for reporting @beagle-61 !

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