Seasoned Amazon SDE - Ask me anything!

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Thought I’d have some fun and do an AMA with folks on this platform. I’m sick of Blind and it’s toxic culture. I see a lot of potential in this platform so thought I’d give it a shot and provide my insights to others.

Background about me:

  • 5+ YOE as a SWE who has worked in start ups to FAANG
  • Conducted 100+ interviews and mentored individuals
  • Interests range from big tech to photography

Feel to ask me anything from career advice in big tech to crypto and I’ll leave reply when I get a chance :slight_smile:


does Amazon give you refreshers every year? if so, is it competitive with the market

Hey @critical-radiation-6 , great question! Amazon does in fact do refreshers. The process happens once a year in February. It goes in hand with performance evaluation. You’re place into Needs Improve, Meets and Exceeds exceptions. For the last two you get some refreshers and it depends on highly on your manager/organization for the amount.

In my hones opinion, they aren’t market based nor can compete with it. The best salary bump you will get is always going to a new opportunity.