Seeking full-time SWE roles


I am a CS Student, graduating in June 2024. I am interested in real-time systems, and fast critical systems (like streaming, real-time communication, and the like). I have been working outside sch for the past 4 years as a backend dev (mostly on Python-based backend systems and once owned a real-time communication service for an app similar to Mattermost, that had me work with Go for a short while) – 2 of those as a full-time employee.

However, I am open to any role as much as it is backend/infrastructure or backend-heavy responsibilities. I am open to questions or discussions.

TL: DR; I am currently outside the US but studying at a US institution. Interviews rate was alright in 2021 /2022 but sadly, grinding lately.

Try taking a look here: Red Hat Jobs | Opportunities are open
My link for getting a referral: Refermarket | Largest Active Employee Networking Marketplace